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Skinwave Facials

Faces by Kelly is pleased to announce the introduction of the Skinwave facial device.  Skinwave  combines an aqua-delivery system, skin revitalizing solutions, Hydrogen therapy, and three unique handpieces for a multidimensional aesthetic treatment.  Impurities are driven out and nutrients are driven in to brighten skin, diminish fine lines and reduce congested pores.


What are the benefits of Skinwave facials?

At Faces by Kelly in Durham, NC, Kelly Jelic, RN, MEP-C can customized a Skinwave facial to cleanse and exfoliate your skin with glycolic acid, lactic acid, and licorice root extract to gently exfoliate the skin and dissolve impurities without stripping skin. To decongest clogged pores, Kelly will choose willow bark extract, salicylic acid, and natural plant-derived enzymes to reduce sebum production, soften dead skin cells, and decongest clogged pores.  Or, to hydrate your skin, replenish and repair?  Humectants, ceramides, and natural moisturizing factors (NMF) to restore the skin barrier and work across multiple layers of the skin, pulling in moisture and locking it in.  Skinwave facials are a  great solution for anyone with one or multiple skin needs.

Am I a candidate for Skinwave facials?

If you are interested in a pleasurable and relaxing experience, the Skinwave facial is for you. The procedure is non-invasive, and there is no downtime.  Our Skinwave facial can improve your skin’s look and feel in many ways. Along with noticeable improvements to your skin’s texture, you will also enjoy:

  • A healthy, youthful glow
  • Tighter skin 
  • Regulated oil production
  • Deep Moisturization
  • Exfoliation
  • Cleaner pores

Call Faces by Kelly today at 919-281-2802 to schedule your consultation/treatment appointment and ask about our special offers for Skinwave.


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