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Laser Hair Removal Specialist

Hair grows faster than any other type of body tissue. This is an inconvenient fact for the many men and women who shave, wax, or pluck to achieve a hairless body. At Faces by Kelly in Durham, North Carolina, Kelly Jelic, RN, MEP-C, offers laser hair removal treatments with permanent results using the Motus AX laser by Cartessa™. If you’re ready to stop spending your time and money on the relentless cycle of shaving or waxing, call Faces by Kelly to book your appointment today.


What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a hair reduction method for men and women tired of shaving or waxing and looking for long-term results. At Faces by Kelly, you will have a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for laser hair reduction.


Lasers are high-powered beams of light that have many applications in aesthetics. In the case of laser hair removal, they work by vaporizing the existing hair and disabling the follicles that produce and nurture hair growth. 


Kelly and her team use the Motus AX laser for painless hair removal treatments. The Motus AX laser can treat the widest range of skin tones of any available laser for hair removal. 

What are the advantages of laser hair removal?

When compared to plucking, shaving, and waxing, laser hair removal has several important advantages. Many people prefer it because:

  • It’s precise
  • The treatments are fast
  • There are very few potential side effects
  • It doesn’t cause ingrown hairs
  • You won’t get razor burn or bumps
  • The results are long-lasting 


After 4-6 laser hair removal sessions, many patients experience a permanent reduction in hair growth or even full hairlessness in their treatment area.

What should I expect at my laser hair removal appointment?

When you arrive at the office for your appointment, Kelly begins by cleaning the area specified during your consultation. If your skin is sensitive, she may use a numbing cream or gel to soothe your skin before the treatment begins. 


You’ll be asked to wear protective eyewear as the laser works to remove your hair. Laser hair removal treatments with the Motus AX laser are completely comfortable and include a cooling feature so your skin doesn’t overheat. The laser seamlessly targets follicles without damaging nearby skin cells.


Depending on the size of the area or amount of areas that you’re targeting, the session can take anywhere from under five minutes to over an hour. 

When will I see a difference in hair growth after laser hair removal?

Most patients see a 10-25% reduction in the amount of hair on their body immediately after the treatment. After your initial series of 2-6 treatments, you may come back to the clinic for maintenance sessions if or when you notice hair regrowth. Most patients note that the hair that does grow back is finer and lighter.


Smooth, hairless skin isn’t likely to go out of style anytime soon. To avoid the complications of shaving and waxing, call Faces by Kelly today.

*Individual results may vary


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