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No matter how much attention you put into your skincare routine, it won’t look perfect forever. There are many treatment options available for skin improvement, but if you’re not keen on chemicals or needles, an IPL photofacial by Kelly Jelic, RN, MEP-C, is your best bet. If your skin concerns are getting the best of you, call Faces by Kelly in Durham, North Carolina, today.


What is IPL?

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a skincare technique utilizing the energy from multiple wavelengths of light to reduce or resolve various skin blemishes and signs of aging. The treatment is customizable for your skin type and can be used on your face, neck, chest, or hands.


During an IPL procedure, the device emits quick pulses of light reaching the second layer of your skin without harming the surface.


The heat from the light destroys pigments in your skin cells to eliminate the blemishes you can see on the surface. The light can also impair your hair follicles to stop unwanted body hair growth.

How do treatments with IPL improve my skin?

IPL therapy can target and noticeably reduce many unfavorable skin features. The light is effective in treating:

  • Wrinkles
  • Age spots
  • Freckles
  • Birthmarks
  • Varicose veins
  • Broken blood vessels
  • Redness from rosacea
  • Unwanted body hair growth


IPL treatments are great for areas that are often exposed and visible to those around you (and yourself, of course). You can use IPL on almost any part of your body, including your face, neck, chest, arms, or legs.

How should I prepare for an IPL treatment?

Taking good care of your skin is essential to a successful and uncomplicated IPL treatment. Kelly gives you a full list of instructions to follow leading up to your appointment.


You’ll likely be asked to avoid:

  • Direct sunlight
  • Tanning beds
  • Injections of collagen
  • Waxing to remove hair
  • Certain medications and products


When you arrive for your appointment, be prepared for slightly uncomfortable sensations. Many patients say that IPL treatments feel like snapping rubber bands or that they slightly sting. 


For this reason, Kelly may offer you an anesthetic cream to apply before the session. For the best results, Kelly recommends booking three to six sessions about one month apart.

How long do the results of IPL last?

After completing your initial series of three to six treatments, you’ll enjoy your improved skin for six months to a year. Once you start seeing the blemishes reappear, you may book maintenance sessions to retain your flawless skin and newfound confidence.


Enjoying the sun can be great for your well-being but hard on your skin. To treat sun damage like spots and wrinkles or to get rid of unwanted body hair, call Faces by Kelly today.


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