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Getting gorgeously smooth skin on your face or body doesn’t have to involve surgeries, injections, or chemical solutions. Using the Icon™ 1540 Fractional Laser, Kelly Jelic, RN, MEP-C, diminishes old scars, stretch marks, skin discoloration, and more at Faces by Kelly in Durham, North Carolina. To find out more about what the Icon laser can do for your skin, call Faces by Kelly today.



What is the Icon laser?

The Icon laser by Cynosure® is a remarkably adaptable medical laser device used to diminish many common skin concerns. It has multiple settings that can penetrate various layers of your skin to target specific blemishes or cell types. 


The laser works by emitting a high-energy light to stimulate your skin’s healing processes. It does this without harming the surface layer of your skin or any surrounding tissues. 

What can the Icon laser do for my skin?

The Icon laser can be used for many different aesthetic purposes. Specifically, it has settings for:


Hair removal

Unwanted body hair can easily be removed using the Icon laser. After a few treatments, you’ll notice permanently minimal body hair growth in your treated areas.


Stretch marks

As you grow or gain weight, your skin stretches to catch up with your growth. You may notice the formation of light or dark stretch marks. Stretch marks on any skin type can be minimized with the Icon laser.


Leg veins

Spider veins commonly appear on your legs. The Icon laser can shrink these veins to make them less visible beneath your skin.



No matter how old your scars, the Icon laser can regenerate the healing process that formed them to diminish their appearance.


Skin resurfacing

Without surgery or chemicals, the Icon laser can greatly improve your skin’s quality and eliminate blemishes. Resurfacing procedures with the Icon laser minimize age spots, wrinkles, roughness, uneven tones, and more.



One of the Icon laser’s settings uses Optimized Light™ technology to deliver pulses of light to your skin. These light pulses are specialized to target and reduce redness from rosacea, discoloration, and pigmented spots.

Will I need multiple treatments with the Icon laser?

Kelly gives you an idea of the amount of sessions you’ll need depending on the condition of your skin and what you’re targeting. 


If you need only mild skin improvement, she recommends between one and three treatments. For deeper imperfections like stretch marks and old scars, you may five or more sessions.


Lasers are expanding the field of aesthetic medicine, and the Icon by Cynosure is at the forefront. To find out if you’re a candidate for Icon laser treatments, call Faces by Kelly today.





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